The MHA Waiver Education Series - Uncompensated Care and FY 2015 Rate Orders

September 09, 2014 - 09:00
  • How to find us: MHA, 6820 Deerpath Road, Elkridge, MD 21075
As more of Maryland’s uninsured gain health insurance coverage through Medicaid and the state’s Health Benefit Exchange, and as private plans include larger deductibles and higher co-insurance, the patterns of uncompensated care are changing. HSCRC changed its formula for predicting hospital uncompensated care and again reduced hospital rates in anticipation of reduced levels of uncompensated care. In this session, we’ll examine those changes in detail, discuss the implications for hospitals as well as for the Medicaid budget, and ask for feedback on trends in uncompensated care at your hospital.  In addition, HSCRC staff will provide a follow-up session on the preparation of rate order for FY 2015, including the setting of December global budget revenue targets and the timing of issuance of final rate orders for FY 2015.



Visit the Multimedia and Infographics - 2014 Waiver Education Series page for video of the event.